FAQ's about Electricity Resellers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electricity reseller?

An electricity reseller is a company assisting landlords or bodies corporate to meter and sell electricity to individual tenants or unit owners in an office block, residential estate, townhouse complex, or block of flats.

What should I pay for electricity supplied by a reseller?

The reseller may only charge you the NERSA approved electricity tariff in your area for your class of customer, and may not load the tariff with any administration, meter reading or maintenance charges.

What if I qualify for a special tariff such as indigency?

You will need to apply for classification with your local utility and then present documentation to the reseller who is obliged to provide electricity to you at the appropriate NERSA tariff applicable to you.

What actions can I take if I believe I am being charged more than the approved NERSA tariff?

a.   Firstly approach your electricity supplier which may be a “Reseller”, or a “Landlord”, or a Municipality, or Eskom.
b.   If you are not happy with the way the matter was handled by your electricity supplier, or the outcome thereof, you may escalate the matter to NERSA for intervention. 

c.   You need to submit full details of your complaint as well as copies of correspondence with and from your electricity supplier to complaints@nersa.org.za

How do I know what the approved NERSA rates are in my area?
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·    Eastern-Cape-Province

·    Free-State-Province

·    Gauteng Province

·    Kwa Zulu Natal Province

·    Limpopo Province

·    Mpumalanga Province

·    Northern Cape Province

·    North West Province

·    Western Cape Province


Who is NERSA and how do they regulate the reselling of electricity?

NERSA is the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa and the authors of the Electricity Reseller Guidelines of 2016, which were published and are legally binding in terms of Section 15.2 of the Electricity Regulatory Act of 2006. NERSA annually approves the electricity tariffs of municipalities and other utilities in South Africa.

How do Electricity Resellers make money?

Resellers purchase electricity at discounted bulk-meter rates and sell electricity to tenants and unit owners at the NERSA approved rate. The difference between the bulk rate and the NERSA approved rate generally covers the fees and operating costs of the reseller.